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Hair fall is a common problem among men and women due to the increasing stress of work life as well as personal life. Hence many people prefer to use hair wigs both natural and synthetic to cover the deficiencies caused by stress or nature. Many people also use hair wigs for aesthetic purposes. Celebrities, models and fashion designers all use hair wigs to enhance the natural beauty and to add a touch of glamour.

Hair wigs are hence available in many varieties. You can choose from natural hair wigs to synthetic hair wigs and even lace wigs. These wigs are available in varying styles, lengths, texture and color. So you can go blonde on one day and brunette on another. Previously hair wigs were only used by people suffering from severe hair fall but nowadays anyone who wishes to add a touch of style and glamour uses hair wigs. However to look stylish and glamorous ensure that your hair wig is either made of natural human hair or from high quality synthetic fiber. .

Similarly hair extensions are also used by many people to cover their thinning hair as well as a solution for severe hair fall. Hair extensions provide both volume and length to the user and thus can transform a dull drab look into a gorgeous look. Hair extensions are extremely easy to maintain and are also reusable. They can be maintained like your own hair without having to worry about purchasing special shampoos, conditioners or hair brushes.
Hair extensions are however more expensive than both natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. The cost of the hair extensions depends on the variety and quality of extensions used. Often the price also varies according to the volume of extensions added. So use hair extensions or hair wigs to experiment with your looks regularly.


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